Foster Carer Spotlight: Madi

This week we sat down with Madi, a University of Sydney student who decided to start foster caring early this year. We find out how she got involved and why she loves fostering.

How did you first hear about foster caring shelter animals?

I moved into a pet friendly rental and my roommate and I really really wanted a dog or cat but were worried about the commitment as we travel a lot so we looked into short term options like pet sitting and stumbled across foster caring!

What was your next step?

We sent off a few applications to shelters and adoption agencies that needed foster carers and heard back from Denise at Paws within a few days. Someone came to look at our house to see if it was pet friendly and by the next week we were off to the vet to pick up our two new foster babies.

What was your first foster caring experience like?

It was rewarding and challenging all at once. We had two Pomeranians who were sooo cute and very attached to one another but who had completely different personalities. They were very scared at first so it took some time for them to trust us, but when they did it became so much fun and we really fell in love with them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.21.41 am.png

What is your favourite part of being a carer?

You can’t beat the companionship of having a pet so I really love coming home to wagging tails and giving the dogs lots of cuddles and spoiling them. It’s so amazing when they begin to trust you and realise that not all humans are bad – because a lot of them have been abused or treated awfully in the past. You really feel like you are making a difference.

What’s the most challenging part of being a carer?

Saying goodbye. You become extremely attached and are always tempted to adopt them yourself so whilst you’re so happy they have found their forever home it’s definitely a teary moment when you say goodbye!

Who do you think is suited to foster caring?

Honestly anyone. It’s really perfect for students like me who don’t want to commit to a pet yet or just anyone who might want to test out having a pet before they adopt or buy. As long as you have a little bit of extra time and lots of love to give that’s all you really need.


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