Foster Fail

‘Foster Fail’. This is a very common term you may come across when you start looking into foster caring or become a carer. It’s also a very common occurrence in the foster caring world! So what does it mean? A foster fail is simply when a carer falls head over heels for a foster pet and has to keep them for themselves!! Initially, someone may start foster caring because it’s a low committal option or they aren’t sure if a pet will fit in with their life but furry love conquers all right?

This is another reason why foster caring is such a great idea. No one wants to commit to a furry friend if they aren’t positive they can give them the time and love they need and aren’t certain they are ready, so it really is a great first step to seeing what your life would be like with a new companion. So whether you are a student who isn’t ready to commit just yet, a family who isn’t sure how a pet would fit in their life, or just someone who has been thinking of adopting – foster caring could really be a happy medium for you and the experience you need to make that big decision and fall in the love with the perfect pet.


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