It’s a two way street…

It’s important to know that becoming a foster carer is just as much about giving as it is receiving. Yes, you may be giving up your valuable time, money, energy and opening up your home to a pooch or kitty desperate for some love and guidance – but what you receive in return is so much more valuable. We thought it was important to note this – as many people think of volunteering or charity work to just be about ‘giving’ when it actually gives directly back to YOU in so many ways!

Here’s a few things you’ll receive when you’re a foster carer:

  • Countless licks, snuggles and wagging tails
  • An incredible feeling of achievement when your foster pet begins to trust you and connect with you
  • A newfound knowledge of different breeds and training techniques – you’ll become a pet expert!
  • Constant companionship and laughs
  • New friends and a supportive community of other foster carers or rescue volunteers
  • Pride – you’ll feel immense pride that you have saved a life. We would often find ourselves telling everyone and anyone about foster caring because we were so proud and wanted more people to know about it and get involved!
  • Pure happiness when your foster pet finds there forever home and you know that if it wasn’t for you that would never have happened

This is a short list from a very very long list of rewards you will get in return for being a foster carer. You’ll be surprised just how much you get in return – it’s truly a two way street!

J x



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